Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dominos Pizza Business and the Global Market

Question: Executive summary on Dominos Pizza. Answer: The food industry has been increasingly popular in the global market. There is various food industries have been introducing their foods across the globe and obtain popularity through its different tastes. Dominos pizza has been increasing its market in the larger demographic areas. Nepal is a small country with a variety of foods. In recent years, Dominos Pizza has been expanding its industry in the geographical areas in Nepal. However, it was a vital decision for the company to select Nepal for growing market in an effective manner. The particular report focuses on the economic, legal, political, and cultural factors existing in the Nepal market. Moreover, the particular report describes the market opportunities although the marketplace in Nepal is quite small; Dominos has been trying to enhance their market opportunities in an effective manner. The fast food industry in Nepal has been developing due the huge increasing demands in the market. Tom Monaghan and brother James have founded the company called Dominos in 1960. The headquarter of the company is located in Ann Arbor, MiChigan in the United States of America. It consists of a wide range of foods including Pizzas, Pastas, oven-baked sandwich, salads, chicken wings, desserts, etc. the company has been operated its business through 900 stores worldwide. The organization has started online food delivery services since 2007 for enhancing their business opportunity in the global market. By analyzing the international ventures of the organization, it can be assessed that Dominos has over 1800 franchises stores in 10 different countries. The prime focus of the company is to expand the business in the international market including China, Brazil, and Nepal. Nepal depends on its agriculture sector as the particular industry has been growing in an efficient manner. On the other hand, the political uncertainty is a major factor that creates difficulties for the growth the economic condition of the country. The GDP rate of Nepal is 4.4%with an inflation increasing to 8%. Moreover, the public debt is around 24.5% of the GDP. The agriculture industry includes 70% of employment, whereas the tourism industry holds the second place for the growth aspects. In recent years, the countrys GDP has been raised 4%. The increasing economic status of the nation depends on several factors including service sector, remittances, financial sector, foreign trade and tourism. The political uncertainty creates difficulties for enhancing the economic strength of the country. The local government in Nepal has declared that the political instability causes the economic fluctuation in the domestic trade. By analyzing the political and legal aspects of the nation, it can be assessed that the country has been experiencing the economic growth in recent years. Nepal government has been focusing on some factors including safety and security, stable government, international trade, and economic integration. The country has taken investment board initiatives. Nepal government has signed the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) in collaboration with six different nations. The nation has been focusing on developing taxation policy along with dispute settlement to enhance the legal structure.

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